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Wine Spectator Cover - June 15, 2001 Check out Rick's feature in Wine Spectator Magazine - Each month this leading publication features a collector in their Collecting column. Rick and his Cellar were the feature in the Collecting  section in the June 15th, 2001 issue.
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Unwindwind.blogspot.com posting of Rick's Wine Cellar
Its not fancy, its functional, for a purpose. People often ask me about cellar design.
Its a cellar - for wine storage. If you're creating a showroom or tasting or dining room,
then so be it.. But who wants to dine in 58 degrees?
Racks? There are all kinds of racks and kits and professional designs and installations.
Our cellar was somewhat of a 'family affair' - father-son projects over a period of time where we designed and built a wine storage rack as part of a fun, teaching, bonding, collaboration project. Each provided an opportunity to spend time together and teach basic woodworking and project planning and management.
Hence we have several racks of various  bespoke designs, not perfect, but uniquely 'ours', and each a special memory, and functional for the long run, especially those over-engineered or excessively designed and built.
McNees cellar.Rick's wine cellar on Rick's Wine-site Bordeaux large format bottles. Rick's Wine Cellar north wall length Rick's cellar north wall - magnum rack.
Back wall of Rick's cellar. Large format bottles commemorating kids' birth-years. Rick in corner of cellar; case storage
in the rear. 
Length view of
Rick's Cellar
Rick's cellar racks - large format corner. Rick's cellar east wall Rick's winesite cellar east Rick's winesite cellar - west  Rick's cellar north wall.
Rick's cellar - large format corner. Rick's cellar
east wall.
Rick's cellar
south wall.
Rick's cellar west. Rick's cellar north wall - bottle rack.

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