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Ten tallest buildings
Miscellaneous, interesting, cool and useful links (my bookmarks):
bullet http://www.180degreesconsulting.org/
bullet http://www.180degreesconsulting.org/branches/indiana/
bullet Abbotts Fine Candy
bullet ACACIA - Indiana Acacia Alumni
bullet Acacia Fraternity - Indiana University
bullet Indiana Acacia

Acacia Fraternity - National Headquarters


Rick's Acacia Page

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bullet www.Addresses.com - People Search | Yellow Pages | Phone Numbers | Reverse Lookup | Zip Codes | Email Finder
bullet Address Verification - https://www.edq.com/real-time-address-verification/
bullet Air Force Link Gallery
bullet Airliners.net - huge database of aircraft including the new Airbus 3XX super jumbo jet
bullet Air Traffic Control System Command Center
bullet All Nations Telephone Search Engine
bullet All Posters.com
bullet http://my.alltop.com/rickmc
bullet Apple Mac vs PC ads
bullet Art On-line
bullet Art Institute of Chicago - other CHICAGO Links
bullet Astronomy Picture of the Day -
bullet favorites Earth at Night -
bullet Earth at Night2 -
bullet Astronomy Picture of the Day Archive
bullet Bible Study Fellowship International
bullet Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
bullet Background jazz music by Bob Acri - www.BobAcri.com 
bullet BlueZones - Unlocking The Secrets Of  Longevity
bullet Brainage.com
bullet British Gallery - On-line gallery of 14 great books
 Aplle Mac and PC guys
 Barnes Foundation
- Home to the finest collection of nineteenth and twentieth-century French paintings in the world - a $25 billion collection that was essentially STOLEN by the City of Philadelphia and political elite as chronicled in the documentary film 
"Art of the Steal".

Art of the Steal Movie
bullet BusinessBalls.com/
bullet TheChampion.org  -  Family Taxpayers Network
bullet Charles Krauthammer - a must read!
bullet Charlie Rose.com
bullet Chicago Architecture Foundation
bullet Chicago Architecture - Rick's photos
bullet CIA World Fact Book
bullet Codeamber.com/
bullet Complete Review - Book Reviews
bullet The Conservation Foundation



Think Before You Post - On-line Protection for Teens
Think Before You Post

bullet CRASH - Oscar Winning Best Picture of 2005
bullet CRAYON.net - Create Your Own Newspaper on the net
bullet CrossDaily.com - Friendship, Graphics, Wallpaper, Bible Trivia & more
bullet CYBERWAR Frontline Special on PBS
bullet CyberTipline.com
bullet DefenseLINK
bullet Docu Ticker - Docuticker is a daily update of new reports from government agencies, ngo's, think tanks, and other groups compiled by the librarians who bring you www.ResourceShelf.com.
bullet Download.com
bullet DSL Reports - Info on DSL, Broadband, High Speed Internet
bullet Dubai's Mega Projects Photo Gallery by Brian McMorrow
bullet EarlParkIndiana.com 
bullet EarthCam - webcams from around the world....
bullet Earth Observatory - from NASA

Earthquake Safety and Preparedness - http://safestars.org/reviewing-earthquake-safety/

bullet Earth Science Picture of the Day  
bullet Eclipse Aviation.com/
bullet Elegant-Lifestyle.com/
bullet Enchantedlearning.com/
bullet The Entrepreneur's Source 
bullet Escape Artist website - for living offshore, tax havens, offshore investments, getting a-way
bullet etccampaign.com - fighting for equitable telephone charges
bullet Everest site on PBS.org - view from the top
eTc campaign
bullet Family Taxpayer Foundation
bullet Fine Living
bullet FineWineTravel
bullet Firearms on McNees.org
bullet Flyertalk.com/ - popular frequent flyer community
bullet Focus on the Family

Frank Lloyd Wright Architecture - Rick's site photos -


Other Frank Lloyd Wright Links



bullet Galinsky  - Site featuring exciting modern buildings - check out free travel packs for Paris, NY, London, Japan and Switzerland
bullet George Ritzlin - Antique Maps and Prints Shop in suburban Chicago
bullet Great Buildings -|-  Frank Lloyd Wright mainpagetravel packs
bullet Fair Oaks Farms - producer of world class cheese from Indiana!
bullet Federal Marriage Amendment - Marriage Advocacy Group

FIFA Women's World Cup 2003 - Adidas Commercial -
More of Rick's video favorites

bullet Foreign Military Studies Office - FMSO - Analyst Links Page - Research, info, geo-political sites
bullet Free Conference Calling
bullet Free Graphics
bullet Free Greeting e-Cards
bullet FreeSite - lots of free stuff
bullet Free downloads - screensavers, wallpapers, e-cards, fonts
bullet Fairies Fantasy Pictures, Artwork & Images
bullet Free Software downloads from ZDnet
bullet Clipart By Gifart.com's Free Image Section!
bullet http://www.donaldsonschocolates.com/
bullet Emporis -  Site of Skyscrapers of the World
bullet Frank  Lloyd Wright Site Links on McNees.org
bullet Friends/Colleagues Personal Web pages/sites
bullet Globexplorer -awesome colour and 3D satellite and aerial imagery- you too can be a spy!
bullet Google Earth - a must have web tool for every desktop
bullet Government and Political Links Page
bullet US Historical Documents
bullet HistoryWorld
bullet Hoaxbusters - dont be duped by the latest email alert!
bullet Hobson Preservation Association  |  Effort to save Hobson Woods  | Egermann Woods
bullet Human Security Gateway
bullet Illinois Family Institute
bullet Illinois Lottery -|- Lottery.com
bullet Innocence Project
bullet Internet Archive
bullet Internet Map - Interactive - from CAIDA
bullet Internet Public Library - listing of on-line newspapers from around the world

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bullet Interpol
bullet In-Q-Tel - Venture Capital Investor supporting emerging technologies for the CIA
bullet Invasive.org - The Source for Information and Images of Invasive & Exotic Species
Film - Animals, Weeds, Pathogens Photos
bullet ITfacts.biz - Facts and stats about the technology sector
bullet Jeffrey Wigand.com - inspiration for the award winning movie - The Insider
bullet On-line Language Translation
bullet Yousef Karsh - Photographer
bullet Legal Contracts on the web
bullet Lightscreens The Leaded Glass of Frank Lloyd Wright
bullet Justice Project
Linked In Network - LinkedIn, a professional-networking tool, helps you find out who your friends and contacts know (and who their contacts know) and lets you ask for an introduction.
bullet Live Radio and Television from Around the World
bullet Lloyds Fairplay - Ocean Shipping info - Recent Piracy Activity
bullet Lucy Long Artist
bullet "America's Marines" - US Marine Corps commercial - Extended Version
bullet Marine's Tour
bullet Mercantec
bullet Mercantile Capital Group
bullet Molecular Expressions from Florida State Univ.
bullet Movies - IMDB - Internet Movie Database
bullet Movies - All time grossing leaders -
bullet Movie Favorites - Rick's Movie Favorites
bullet Morton Arboretum
bullet Mosimann's - Website of Anton Mosimann - chef, proprietor of incredible dining club in London

Mozilla Firefox - Official site of the open-source browser.

bullet Musee d' Orsay On-line Site - Paris France
bullet Museum of On-line Museums
bullet Musicmatch digital jukebox  - free web download
 Marines at SFO Goldon Gate
Marines filming at Times Square
bullet MyLackey.com - someone to take care of stuff for you ....
bullet my3cents.com - consumerism website
bullet Nasa Technology - NASA Photo Journal from NASA JPL
bullet NASA - Apollo Archive


bullet MyLackey.com - someone to take care of all that stuff for you ....
bullet Nasa Technology - NASA Photo Journal Site from NASA JPL
bullet NASA - Apollo Archive
bullet National Arbor Day Foundation
bullet National Buoy Data Center - NOAA - from Govt Sites Page - realtime ocean views, wave & weather conditions from ocean buoys
bullet National Atlas of the US
bullet National Audubon Society -|- Political Action Site
bullet NCTC.gov - National Counter Terrorism Center
bullet National Earthquake Information Center - Near realtime list of current US earthquakes and others around the globe. USGS Volcano Observatories
bullet Nature Conservancy
bullet Napster.com - incredible web resource for sharing digital music -subject of trademark controversy
bullet Near Earth Objects
bullet New York Public Library Digital Gallery
bullet The Nine Planets - A multimedia tour of the solar system
bullet NPR.org - National Public Radio
bullet International Vintage Poster Fair
bullet www.ODNI.Gov  - Office of Director of National Intelligence
bullet http://www.opensecrets.org/ - The Center for Responsive Politics is a non-partisan, non-profit research group based in Washington, D.C. that tracks money in politics, and its effect on elections and public policy.
bullet Palm Com -|- Support and Upgrades
bullet Palmflying.com/tnumber.html - Aircraft Tail Number Search
bullet The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Megaproject - http://www.thepalm.ae/
bullet Passion Site
bullet Pbase.com - Incredible  photo sharing and photo hosting web site with millions of photo's.
bullet pbase.com/bmcmorrow/dubaiprojects - Brian McMorrow has 607 galleries and 48635 images online including this one on the Dubai Megaprojects
bullet PBS.org
bullet PC Pitstop - tune up your pc or test your internet connection
bullet Photos.com
bullet Photo a Day Photo Gallery by Steve Vucko
bullet Formal Dinner Place Setting
Formal Dinner Place Setting
bullet Plone - Plone: A user-friendly and powerful open source Content Management System
bullet Porsche Family Tree Advertisement - Making of...
bullet Powers of Ten Science Site
bullet Prints Old and Rare
bullet Promise Keepers
bullet Protect Marriage Illinois.org/
bullet Public Records on the Web
bullet Free Public Record Sites
bullet Find a Local Record Retriever
bullet Public Record Retriever Network (PRRN)
bullet Find a Record Vendor
bullet Laws & Legislation
bullet See All FREE Resources
bullet Full radio and TV listings by state and metro area
bullet QuitDay.org - a guide on quitting smoking so that people can live longer, healthier lives and end the harm caused by tobacco to children (https://quitday.org/quit-smoking/), and Freedom From Smoking®, who also supports QuitDay's cause (http://www.ffsonline.org/).
bullet Rainforests.net/
bullet Reference Desk - My Virtual reference Desk.
bullet Renew Illinois  - Electing Ethical Leadership
bullet Research it - Research tools, dictionary and language tools. 
bullet Reverse Phone Lookup - http://www.reversephonelookup.com/  - Its FREE
bullet Ricks (book) Library 
bullet Rick Wine Book Library
bullet Business Book Library
bullet Rick's TV Favorites
bullet Rick's Rants - Boy, that ticks me off!
bullet Safeclimate.net - calculate your carbon footprint - how much YOU contribute to global warming
bullet Salary Calculator - compare cost of living between two cities - city cost comparisons
bullet Satellite Images on the web - image of our home - find your house as viewed from space - other images from space! -|- Other maps and aerial photo image sites online.
bullet Seven Bridges - Championship golf course, ice rink, health-club, theatres (and showtimes), banquet center, Marriott Hickory Ridge Conference Center
bullet SiteInstitute.org - Monitoring terrorist and extremist websites and penetrating password-protected Al Qaeda linked sites, to provide state-of-the-art intelligence service to both practitioners and analysts to understand the adversary.
bullet Skyscrapers and Buildings of the World
bullet Smithsonian Institute
bullet No-Smoking Page and Site Links
bullet http://www.socialstudieshelp.com/ - reference site for students and teachers ... much interesting content ...
bullet Software Marketing '99 - featured presentation by Rick McNees
bullet Strategy and Leadership
bullet Stardate.org
bullet Stephens Ministries
bullet Sunrise and Sunset Info
bullet The top 500 Supercomputer sites
bullet The List of ISP's
bullet TerraServer - satellite images
bullet Time - World Time Server
bullet Top 500 Supercomputing Sites
bullet Tribute to Barry Tozzi - 1954-1998
bullet Trump Tower Coming to Chicago
bullet TVTome
bullet Switchboard.com  | Maps on Us
bullet UK Media Directory

C'tait un Rendez-Vous

Incredible film you likely have not seen. On an August morning in 1976, French filmmaker Claude Lelouch mounted a gyro-stabilized camera to the bumper of a Ferrari 275 GTB and had a friend, a professional Formula 1 racer, drive at breakneck speed through the heart of Paris. No streets were closed, for Lelouch was unable to obtain a permit. Make sure sound is turned on! 
I think this driver drove our cab taking us back to the airport!

bullet Urban Bee Project at UC Berkeley
bullet US News & World Reports college rankings site 
bullet Visible Earth - from NASA
bullet Verse of the Day
bullet UM Weather - the Internet's premier source of weather information since 1994
bullet Webopedia.com - on-line computer and internet dictionary and search engine
bullet Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
bullet World Map of Live Web Cams - amazing sites with real-time views from around the world - CamCentral award winning site - by category
bullet World Buildings from - skyscraperpage.com/33worldbuildings
bullet Whois - who owns that domain name?
bullet Who's On First - Classic Routine by Abbott and Costello - Audio
bullet Wikipedia.org - Free encyclopedia
bullet Wilson Sporting Goods
bullet Wine Paintings by Thomas Arvid
bullet World Radio Network - next best thing to shortwave - in demand in RealAudio
bullet Write the Future - Nike and World Cup 2010
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